Resources for your wedding in Bali

Are you overwhelmed by all the choices and options for your wedding in Bali?

Dominik can help you!

He has been working on over 500 weddings in Bali and has, therefore, an in-depth knowledge about weddings and the wedding industry in Bali.  He wants to share his knowledge with you. And provide you with some useful information to ensure you will have a pleasant experience with all aspects of your wedding in Bali.

Therefore please find in the following some recommendations for trustworthy vendors.

Probably the best advice is that you check out the BALI WEDDING BLOG because it will help you to make better-informed decisions. The BALI WEDDING BLOG is provided by the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS of which Dominik is a distinguished member and a co-founder.

Additionally, we have compiled a list of top vendors whose services we highly recommend:




Valentino has worked with DOMINIK for over 4 years as an apprentice. Dominik has taught and trained Valentino over the years. In 2013/14 Valentino started accepting his own clients. And he quickly rose to fame as one of Bali’s most distinguished photographers. We highly recommend his services to brides in search of an extraordinary photographer.

You can discover more about Valentino at:

A new rising star among Bali wedding photographers  and on VALENTINO RUYA – exquisite Bali wedding photography

And please visit Valentino’s website.



All brides want to look their best on their wedding day. And it is hard to choose a great stylist just from a few small pictures on a website or on Facebook or Instagram. DOMINIK has been working for over 10 years with Tia and her team from BALI MAKEUP & HAIR. And he highly recommends their service for brides who want nothing less than the best makeup artist and hair stylist in Bali.




Finally a great female photographer in Bali. Joanna or Jo as she is commonly called is known for her natural & authentic style and the classical film-look of her photographs.

She is highly in demand with discerning brides who prefer a female photographer. Check out Jo Yu’s website.