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However, his desire to live and work Bali, as well as his passion for working with people introduced Dominik to wedding photography and in 2003 he moved to Bali. He quickly found great acceptance among Australian couples holding their wedding in Bali. His style to photograph couples 100% naturally and un-posed has proven to be very popular. In 2005 Dominik also founded an agency for wedding photography :

There, under his guidance a team of skilled, professional, local photographers work for wedding clients from across the world. This team also does wedding videos which is part of Dominik's service offerings.

Dominik's photographs have appeared in many national publications such as Wine&Dine, Hello Bali, Belladonna - The Wedding, Bali BITE and others.

Dominik was the only international photographer featured in American style guru Susie Coelhoe's wedding Book: Style your dream wedding. Australian publications that have featured Dominik’s photographs are: Australian Bridal Magazine, Bridal Options, Holiday for Couples and others. Photographic assignments have brought Dominik to Perth – Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

And last but not least Dominik is also an accomplished fine-art photographer and has exhibited in Jakarta and Bali. For more information on his fine-art photographs and books please refer to: DOMINIK-PHOTOGRAPHY

Dominik was born in Austria. He studied Art at Vienna's reputable University for Music and Performing Arts, as well as IT at the Technical University Vienna from where he graduated in 89. In the same year he visited Bali for the first time and immediately fell in love with this enchanting island. For the next 4 years Dominik intensively traveled throughout Indonesia and other parts of South East Asia. He went on to study Indonesian language (which he now speaks fluently) before starting to work for a multinational corporation in West Java. In 2000 Dominik founded an advertising agency in Jakarta and at the same time he turned his passion for photography into a career. During the first few years of his career as a professional photographer he focused on industrial and corporate photography, as well as architectural photography and interior design photography. Until today Dominik keeps photographing for some of Indonesia's most prestigious multinational corporations in mining and other industries.

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Q: How did you as a European end of at the other end of the globe here in Bali ?

A: That’s a long story… It all started with a holiday to Bali that kindled a desire to live and work in Bali. But it took a few years before I was able to realize that dream and I was living in other parts of Indonesia before I finally was able to make Bali my permanent home.

Q: What do you think sets you apart from other (wedding) photographers ?

A: I think above all it is my outgoing and easy going personality , which allows me to quickly connect to couples which , in turn makes them feel relaxed and easy in front of the camera. You know most people are, at least to some extend shy and not too comfortable when being photographed… and I seem to have the talent to make people forget that they are being photographed. That makes my wedding photographs look very natural and un-possed which fortunately is what my clients are after.

Q: How does photography at a wedding in Bali typically work ?

A: There is no typical… at least not for me. Every wedding is different and so are the couples and their personalities. And it is these differences and the individuality that I try to capture in my work. But it is certainly a great help to have the experience of several hundred weddings.

Q: How would you describe your style as a photographer ?

A: I would say my wedding photography is: ‘Casual, natural and emotional’

Q: Can you give any advice to couples how they should approach wedding photography ?

A: I think that for most couples who want to get married in Bali it is important to thoroughly check out the website of the photographer they are evaluating because the site is usually a good mirror (and unless the couple can meet their photographer in person when making a selection the only way to make a judgment) of what to expect from your photographer.

I also feel that for those couples who not just want any documentation of their wedding in Bali it is important that they are comfortable with the personality of their photographer.

Q: In your experience is there any difference between making wedding photographs in Bali , versus in a client’s home country.

A: Yes there is. Most of the photography in Bali is outdoors , Bali is usually hot all year around and most clients don’t really know the location. All these factors should be evaluated and possibly discussed with your photographer. Although it may make sense to let your wedding organizer or wedding coordinator handle things for you in Bali it often proves to be very valuable to also talk to your photographer directly and seek his/ her advice.

Q: Why should couples chose you as their photographer ?

A: Whether they chose me or any other photographer is a matter of preferences, tastes and budget. But what every couple should consider is that it is only the photographs that will remain with them for a life time. Therefore , if good photography is important for a client, chose wisely and probably don’t go with the cheapest because there will always be a cheaper none… You know there is this saying: ‘You pay peanuts, you get monkeys…’