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Dominik has been living and working as a wedding photographer in Bali for over 15 years. His unique ability to bring out the best in people have made him a much sought-after Bali wedding photographer.

He is known for his vibrant & colorful wedding photographs and his uncompromising approach to creating beautiful pictures – full of emotion and with zero posing.

This unique way of wedding photography has won him countless international wedding photography awards.


Dominik with his daughter Katarina

Dominik’s unobtrusive working style and his outgoing personality allow him to document your wedding in a very natural way. His style as a wedding photographer is best described as fine-art wedding photojournalism.

Dominik is the only international wedding photographer in Bali to be featured in American style guru Susie Coelhoe’s wedding Book: STYLE YOUR DREAM WEDDING.

Australian publications that have featured Dominik’s photographs include AUSTRALIAN BRIDAL MAGAZINE, BRIDAL OPTIONS, HOLIDAY FOR COUPLES  and others.

Photographic assignments have brought Dominik to Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and China.


Dominik photographing in his favorite city Beijing

Is Dominik the best wedding photographer in Bali or not? The verdict is still out there and it depends on your taste and preferences.

What distinguishes Dominik from other Bali wedding photographers is that he has also a proven track record in other domains of professional photography.

His impressive portfolio as a commercial photographer and as an industrial photographer in Indonesia speak for themselves. His work has been commissioned by some of Indonesia’s most prestigious companies.

Check out Dominik’s non-wedding related website to discover more.

Dominik’s fine-art photography has been exhibited in various galleries throughout Indonesia and has found create acclaim with fine-art photography connoisseurs around the world.

He travels frequently and you can see his stunning travel documentations here. To see more of Dominik’s non-wedding related photography check out Dominik INSTAGRAM feed.






Top wedding photographer DOMINIK


Dominik was born in Austria. He studied Art at Vienna’s prestigious VIENNA UNIVERSITY OF MUSIC & PERFORMING ARTS, as well as IT at the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY VIENNA from where he graduated in 1989.

In the same year, he visited Bali for the first time and immediately fell in love with this enchanting island. For the next 4 years, Dominik intensively traveled throughout Indonesia and other parts of South East Asia.

He went on to study the Indonesian language (which he speaks fluently) before starting to work for a multinational corporation in West Java.

In the year 2000 Dominik founded an advertising agency in Jakarta and at the same time, he turned his passion for photography into a career.

During the first few years as a professional photographer in Indonesia, he focused on industrial and corporate photography, as well as architectural photography and interior design photography.


photographing in China

However, his desire to live and work in Bali, as well as his passion for working with people introduced Dominik to wedding photography. In 2004 he moved to Bali. He quickly found great acceptance among Australian couples holding their wedding in Bali.

Up to this day, Dominik continues to accept many commercial projects outside of Bali. In particular, he frequently photographs for Indonesia’s most prestigious multinational corporations in mining and related industries.

His photography has appeared in many national publications such as Wine&Dine, Hello Bali, Belladonna – THE WEDDING, BALI BITE, and others.

Dominik is meanwhile semi-retired as a photographer and has moved from Bali to West Java where he lives with his wife in Bandung.