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Pre-wedding-, engagement-, honeymoon -, post-wedding- or simply couple photography – call it what you want Dominik has significantly contributed to defining this genre of photography in Bali.

He has been a pre-wedding photographer in Bali for over 10 years and has photographed couples from around the world.

What distinguishes Dominik from other pre-wedding photographers Bali is his uncompromising and unconventional approach.



good pre wedding photo location Bali

wide, empty beach location

Because Dominik has been doing several hundred of pre-wedding shoots in Bali he knows the best locations for your pre-wedding photographs in Bali.

Dominik does not visit touristy locations where hordes of tourists can make it difficult to take great photos. Instead, he chooses the locations carefully to make sure that you have privacy and great looking spots.

The locations he has selected for you all highlight the natural beauty of Bali and Bali’s unique cultural heritage.


Including Bali’s beautiful culture


All the entrance fees that apply to those locations are already included in your package.

Unlike other photographers, Dominik always chooses the locations you will go in such a way that the time required to travel between locations is minimized. You will not spend hours and hours in the car but use the time for photography most effectively.

pre wedding photo location in Bali

Great looking rice field pre wedding location

Location Scouting:

1 or 2 days before your shoot Dominik visits all the locations and spots you will go to ensure they are suitable and in great condition on the day of the shoot.

For beach locations, he will choose a beach that is clean and tidy on the day of your photo session. He will investigate at which time of the day the light will be best and when tide conditions are favorable to get the best photographs.


Beautiful beach locations

He will check out the rice-field location to ensure it has green rice plants on it and has not just been harvested.

Dominik will also make sure that any temple location does not have a ceremony or other activities that would make it difficult or impossible to shoot there on the day of your pre-wedding session.


beautiful flower fields


He will find a flower field that is in full bloom on the day of your shoot because flower fields are not always in bloom.

By visiting in advance all the locations Dominik can guarantee you that you will get the best possible Bali pre-wedding photographs.

It is this uncompromising approach that has made Dominik to become among the best pre-wedding photographers in Bali. And it certainly shows in Dominik’s portfolio.



We all agree how important great makeup & hair styling is to look great in your pre-wedding photographs.

Therefore, Dominik works only with the Best Makeup & Hairstylist in Bali.

Not only that. The makeup artist & hair stylist will stay with you from start to finish. She will be available for the whole day to make sure that you will look beautiful and your best in all the photographs.





Designer wedding dresses & gowns for you

Dominik offers you a wide collection of designer wedding dresses and men’s wear to choose from.

He offers you wedding gowns & dresses and also a wide selection of cocktail dresses, traditional Balinese costumes and more.

Unlimited dress rental is part of all of Dominik’s pre-wedding & honeymoon photo packages. You can change dresses as many times as you want and get a great variety of photographs.





Natural as you are.

If you want natural looking un-posed photographs Dominik is your best choice.

Because Dominik has the unique ability to make couples feel easy and relaxed while being photographed.

With his friendly & outgoing personality, Dominik understands how to make couples look great in their photographs.


With Dominik, you will certainly not get those all common and boring look-here-and-smile photographs.

It is his great communication skills that have made him a popular choice for couples who want nothing less than the best pre-wedding & engagement & honeymoon photographs from Bali.

Very few other pre-wedding photographers in Bali can offer you this high level of service.


Only the best of you


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